Tên phim: Tuyết sơn phi hồ 2007 - Tuyết sơn tình thù - The flying fox of the snowy mountain

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Xem phim Tuyết sơn phi hồ 2007 - Tuyết sơn tình thù - The flying fox of the snowy mountain online

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The story began with a scene in the northern regions of China with the historical background set during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor (乾隆皇帝) in the Qing Dynasty. Tao Baisui (陶百歲) and his son Tao Zi'an (陶子安) unearthed a treasure contained in a metal chest from the Snowy Mountain. Xiong Yuanxian (熊元獻), the leader of the Ping Tong Escort Agency (平通鏢局), led a group of men to seize the treasure chest. However, the treasure chest was taken away by Ruan Shizhong (阮士中), Cao Yunqi (曹雲奇), Yin Ji (殷吉) and Tian Qingwen (田青文), all of whom were members of the Heavenly Dragon Sect (天龍門). In the midst of the fight for the treasure chest, an ugly monk named Bao Shu (寶樹) appeared and ‘invited’ them forcefully through intimidation to a house on Jade Brush Peak (玉筆峰). It was revealed that the master of the house Du Xiyu (杜希盂) had invited all of them to his house to meet the legendary hero Hu Fei (胡斐), who was nicknamed ‘Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain’ (雪山飛狐). Hu Fei had sent a message, saying that he would arrive at noon. While in waiting, the pugilists gathered there started to fight among themselves again for the treasure chest, but Bao Shu managed to get hold of the chest and ordered it to be opened. The treasure inside the chest was in fact a precious saber. Also present there was the revered hero ‘Golden-Faced Buddha’ (金面佛) Miao Renfeng (苗人鳳) and his daughter Miao Ruolan (苗若蘭), and they spoke of the saber’s origin along with Bao Shu. The saber once belonged to the ‘Dashing King’ (闖王) Li Zicheng (李自成), who led a rebellion which successfully overthrew the crumbling Ming Dynasty several decades ago. Li Zicheng was defeated by the Manchurians who entered the Central Plains subsequently and ruled the entire China. Li was trapped on Mount Jiugong (九宮山) and he sent his three loyal bodyguards Miao, Fan and Tian to seek reinforcements while the last bodyguard Hu stayed behind. Seeing that the reinforcements were yet to arrive, Hu apparently betrayed and killed Li Zicheng, presenting Li’s severed head to the Manchurians. In fact, Li Zicheng survived and had become a monk, while a mere soldier took his place and died for him. Hu became an imperial official for his contributions while the other three bodyguards sought to kill him to avenge Li Zicheng. The trio met Hu and killed him immediately without listening to his explanation. Later, Hu’s son told them the truth and they committed suicide in shame. The descendants of the four families did not know the hidden facts and became sworn enemies whose feuds lasted for four generations and never ceased. The feuds of their ancestors lasted until Hu Yidao (胡一刀) and Miao Renfeng’s generation. Hu Yidao was escorting his heavily-pregnant wife to the south when she gave birth along the way. At the same time, they encountered Miao Renfeng and Tian Guinong (田歸農) who had come to seek revenge. Hu Yidao tried to resolve the feud by writing a letter to Miao Renfeng, telling him the truth, but Tian Guinong got hold of the letter and tried to stir up further conflict. Hu Yidao and Miao Renfeng fought with each other for many days and gradually became fast friends as they respected each other for their common sense of righteousness and prowess in martial arts. Unfortunately, things came to a tragic end, when Hu Yidao was slain by Miao Renfeng unintentionally. Actually, it was Tian Guinong who smeared poison on both of their weapons and when Miao inflicted Hu with a minor wound during the battle, the poison seeped into Hu’s body and killed him. Subsequently, Hu Yidao’s wife died as well and Tian Guinong attempted to harm their newborn child Hu Fei. Luckily, the infant Hu Fei was rescued by Ping A'si (平阿四), who took care of him and brought him up all by himself. Hu Fei trained hard in his Hu Family’s martial arts and became a formidable martial artist like his ancestors and was nicknamed ‘Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain’. Back to the current scenario on Jade Brush Peak, Hu Fei arrived sharply at noon for the meeting. The other pugilists present there harboured evil intentions and were fearful of Hu Fei so they had already gone into hiding in the inner room. Miao Ruolan received Hu Fei calmly and both of them started to fall in love with each other. Seeing that the master had not arrived yet, Hu Fei decided to leave and wait outside the house. Meanwhile, the other pugilist present there managed to deduce that the saber pointed out the location of the treasure to be in the south and they decided to journey there to hunt for the treasure. Before they left, Bao Shu immobilized Miao Ruolan while Tian Qingwen stripped off Miao’s clothes and left her on the bed in the inner room. Hu Fei came back to look for Miao Ruolan and entered the inner room where he saw her clad only in her undergarments. At that point, things became clear; the master had collaborated with the government and the pugilists gathered there to surround and capture Hu Fei and Miao Renfeng. Miao Renfeng fell into the enemies’ scheme and was captured but Hu Fei fought the enemy bravely and rescued Miao Renfeng. Miao Renfeng then saw Hu Fei in the inner room with his daughter clad only in her undergarments. He thought that Hu Fei had violated his daughter’s modesty and wanted to kill him. Hu Fei grabbed Miao Ruolan and fled to the bottom of the peak where they saw the pugilists fighting each other over possession of the treasure inside the treasure cave. Hu Fei then sealed up the cave entrance and trapped all of them inside such that he would never see them again. Hu Fei and Miao Ruolan then expressed their feelings for each other and wanted to be with each other forever. However, Miao Ruolan’s father Miao Renfeng arrived and confronted Hu Fei fiercely, still mistakenly accusing him of having done something immoral to his daughter. Miao Renfeng challenged Hu Fei to a fight and both of them fought for several rounds but neither emerged the victor. Eventually, both of them became stranded on a cliff and the cliff was on the verge of collapsing and could only withstand one person’s weight. Miao suddenly revealed a weakness in his defence and Hu Fei could have taken advantage of the weakness to attack and knock Miao off the cliff. Hu Fei hesitated and was in a dilemma, unsure of whether to kill Miao Renfeng or not. If he attacked Miao Renfeng, he would survive but he had killed his future father-in-law. If he refrained, Miao would attack and kill him. Hence, the novel ended here, leaving the conclusion to the reader’s imagination; Did Hu Fei attack Miao Renfeng?Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_Fox_of_Snowy_Mountain