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Probably most of us have heard of Jin Yong’s novels, read them, or have seen adaptations to some of them. His stories usually revolve around martial arts, romance, adventures, and more. The Legend of Condor Heroes (LOCH) story starts off with how the parents of Yang Kang and Guo Jing are separated because of a sudden ambush in a small village. Later on, Guo Jing’s mother raises him in Mongolia while Wan Yan Hong Lie, the prince of the Jin country, raises Yang Kang. Therefore, life for Guo Jing was much harder compared to the life of Yang Kang, who became used to the power and wealth that surrounded him. As the story progresses, Guo Jing and Yang Kang meet many new people that influence their thoughts and beliefs, fall in love, and encounter conflicts with each other and others. The Acting and the characters: Guo Jing is a character that is loyal, respectful, responsible, and helpful. He is not a very smart man and his martial arts skills were not powerful at first. But his determination and lack of fear to work hard changed all of that. Li Ya Peng played the role of Guo Jing very well. Sometimes his numb facial expressions were also very amusing to watch. The dubbing of his voice also suited Guo Jing well. His voice is low, and the tone of the voice does not change often. The voice is also fun to listen and pay attention to. Huang Rong is a clever, sometimes bratty 15-16 year old. She desires attention and wishes for others to care for her. She can act selfish and mean at times, but deep down, she is the complete opposite of that. Zhou Xun was a very believable and cute Huang Rong. Many will compare her to Barbara Yung’s Huang Rong, but I feel that both acted out Huang Rong in unique ways and there’s something special in both roles where either one can’t replace for the other. Yang Kang can be considered a spoiled, selfish, yet clever prince of the Jin country. Even though he realizes later that he is really not a prince, it is difficult for him to turn to a completely different lifestyle, which many people force him to do. The only people he truly cared about were his mother and Mu Nian Ci. Zhou Jie has good acting skills and his facial expressions reveal a lot on what kind of person Yang Kang is. The only problem I see is that Zhou Jie isn’t very handsome, which Yang Kang was supposed to be. I also feel that his hairdo was totally messed up. Mu Nian Ci is a young woman that fell for Yang Kang even though she knew that his intentions were not all good. Yang Kang cared for her, but both had conflicts on what kind of man Yang Kang should be. Shui Ling made a beautiful Mu Nian Ci and I felt that she should’ve appeared more in the series. I didn’t really like the character she played, but Shui Ling is always a good actress! Some other characters to watch for include Mei Cao Feng, Hong Qi Gong, Ouyang Feng, Zhou Buo Tong, and Wan Yan Hong Lie. Most of the characters performed excellently and some were also very entertaining, such as the followers of Wan Yan Hong Lie (the monk, fat guy dressed in white, etc.), who lightened up the series. Other Factors: The scenery was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. Some of my favorite sceneries include the deserts in Mongolia, the peach flower island, and Hua San. The music was also very good. It suited the series well and was played by those special Chinese instruments. The theme and ending songs were also good. Especially the ending song, which had Valen Hsu in it. Props and costumes were pretty good and appropriate. I especially like the outfits of Huang Rong. So, is this series worth watching? I would say a “definitely”. Some people may have watched LOCH ’83 and feel that it’s a classic and no other versions are better than that one. Yes, that was a good series, but I feel people should always be open-minded about other ones too. This was refreshing to watch and we are also able to see new and improved fighting choreography, new scenery, different music, and new young actors who also possess great acting skills. If you are a fan of LOCH, you definitely will not want to miss this one!Source: Internet