Tên phim: Thiên long bát bộ 1997 45/45 - Thiên Long hiệp khách 1997 - Demi Gods and Semi Devils

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Xem phim Thiên long bát bộ 1997 45/45 - Thiên Long hiệp khách 1997 - Demi Gods and Semi Devils online

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The synopsis is not that simple, but exciting to follow. Qiao Feng is the Gaibang 'beggar' clan leader who is seeking out his past identity. Along the way, he is suspected and defamed as the murderer of numerous mysterious killings happening in wulin. Qiao Feng decides to investigate the truth and seek justice for Mu Rong Fu who is suspected as the real murderer. He finds Mu Rong Fu at Da Li where he also sneaks into Shaolin to investigate. Qiao Feng is sure that Mu Rong Fu is not the killer and becomes sworn-brothers with Mu Rong Fu. They promise to protect each other in the future. Later, Qiao Feng prevents a conflict between Mu Rong Fu's faction (Wang Yu Yan and Mu Rong Fu's family general) with Gaibang members where Qiao Feng is also defamed because of his relationship with Mu Rong Fu. At the location, Qiao Feng also finds out that he is a Qi-dan, not a Han. Mistress Ma, who had always had a grudge against Qiao Feng, makes up a false story to defame and insult Qiao Feng as her husband's murderer. A story in the past is also revealed that Qiao Feng comes from a Qi-dan family that was slaughtered 30 years ago. Qiao Feng realizes his past identity hasn't truly been revealed and quits his position as Gaibang clan leader. He continues his investigation which leads him to his foster parents' murders and the murders of other people who know of his past. Later on, Qiao Feng is suspected to be the bloody murderer who tries to cover the truth. Then, in frustration, Qiao Feng meets Ah Zhu who finally becomes his love. As an orphan, Ah Zhu can feel Qiao Feng's sadness and both Qiao Feng and Ah Zhu continue their journey to investigate who the person behind all those mysterious killings are. After a series of episodes, Qiao Feng finds himself killing Ah Zhu accidentally. In his sadness, he promises Ah Zhu to take care her sister, Ah Zhi. This leads to episodes where Qiao Feng leaves the Han soil and goes north to find medicine to save Ah Zhi who at that time was badly wounded. Almost near the closing episodes, Qiao Feng is made a Qi Dan prince for having saved the country from tyranny. Duan Yu is a prince of Da Li who doesn't like learning kungfu and prefers instead to dwell on Buddhism. He is another main character who begins his journey looking for his love. Although he never asks to learn kungfu, he falls to the bottom of a mountain where he finds a statue of a goddess-like lady and it forces him to learn kungfu to escape from it. With his new-found kungfu, he starts his romantic journey meeting a lot of pretty ladies. He finally finds out that they are actually all his sisters. It is revealed that Duan Yu's father, Duan Zhen Jing had flirted around with a lot of women that resulted in Duan Yu having a lot of sisters he never knew he had. Ironically, all of Duan Yu's sisters, who have no clue as to their actual relationship, are attracted to him and they make him promise marriage. However, none of that becomes reality. Duan Zhen Jing always appears at the right time and the right place to reveal that Zhong Ling and Mu Wan Qing are Duan Yu's half-sisters. Then, Duan Yu gets the opportunity to learn the kungfu of the Duan family that is kept at Shaolin temple and thus encounters more adventures. While wandering, Duan Yu finds his true love on an island where Madam Wang and her daughter, Wang Yu Yan, live. Unfortunately, Wang Yu Yan has already fallen in love to her cousin, Mu Rong Fu, even though Mu Rong Fu has never loved Wang Yu Yan wholeheartedly; all he wants is to rebuild his family's Yan dynasty. Xu Zhu is a Buddhist monk who accidentally wins a chess game and receives inner power from the leader of the Xiao Yao clan. During his journeys, he is forced to quit his Buddhist vows by making love to a lady of the Xi Xia country whose identity and whereabouts he never finds out. Later on, he becomes the real leader of the Xiao Yao clan and gives up being a monk. He is driven out of Shaolin because of these matters even though Xu Zhu has never thought of giving up on Buddhism. The three, Duan Yu, Qiao Feng and Xu Zhu finally meet each other and swear before heaven and earth that they will become sworn-brothers till death separates them. They swear to protect each other and to always uphold righteousness and justice in the wulin world. Will Qiao Feng become a traitor and lead Qi Dan's forces to attack Han soil? Will Qiao Feng find out who the real murderer of the numerous mysterious killings is? Will Qiao Feng find out the truth about his family's slaughter? Will Duan Yu finally win Wang Yu Yan's heart? Will Xu Zhu find out who the lady from the Xi Xia country is, the one whom he calls 'meng-gu'?Source: http://www.spcnet.tv/TVB-Series/The-Demi-Gods-and-Semi-Devils-review-r1896.html